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I have six wings and four heads, one of which is a lion :|

Hurrah for geeky friends! My boring, nothing planned Saturday has turned into an impromptu trip to London to have a new Who party with a couple of friends. Far more like it :D

In other news, I've now completed an entire term at work, and I'm still standing :D I've been ill in one guise or another since the half term, but hopefully I'll recover now I've got a couple of weeks off, and not die again next term. Come on, immune system, I have faith in you >|

I've got an interview to do a Masters next year at Reading, in a couple of weeks. I'm busy with applications for Birkbeck in London, and Sussex, so hopefully someone will have me and I'll be back in blessed studentdom next year.

This post is random and disjointed. Apologies. I can't stop coughing and I'm watching QI.
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