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I decided to take the job I was talking about in my last post. Once I got over the initial shock of... it not being my dream job in the whole entire world, I figured that it's fine, It's by no means permanent, after all... just some way of getting money in until I get myself back on track next academic year. So... yay, job!

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I think this meme has shown one thing: that I was rubbish at using LJ this year. So, that's one New Year's resolution sorted right there, then.
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Y helo thar

Very long time no update. Sry.

I write this update from my flat in Norwich. I moved in yesterday afternoon. Currently I have no real internet, but I do have a mobile phone on an unlimited internet tariff that works as a dial up modem ;) I have also found a new location for it today, which seems to pick up better signal or something than when I tried last night. The speed is pretty alright this morning.

I've been up since 7:30 waiting for a BT man to come and give me a phone line so that I can have broadband. He left about half an hour ago, so I'm all wired up for phone now. I've just been making lists and sorting myself out, and in a minute I'm going to go wash my hair and have a walk around the local area in the search for a postbox. Then food shopping time! I am actually rather hungry.

I shall try and update my LJ more often in future. Promise >.>
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Epic update


So, I don't think I've properly written in this thing since just before I was heading off to Asylum. Then RL took over >.> So, what's been happening?

Firstly, Asylum was made of absolute win. The organisation left a lot to be desired, and I had to wait a couple of weeks for some of my photos, but apart from that it was a brilliant weekend. My modest album of photos and scans can be found here.

After that, I finished my Uni exams. Had a few weeks of relaxing/nervous waiting, and then found out last week that I'd got a 2:1 overall. Very very almost a first. So more win! That means I've definitely got a place to do postgraduate research at UEA, which is funded, so it means I get a salary and student discounts come October ;)

And the last week or so has been taken up trying to organise myself for UEA. Went up to Norwich for most of last week, and had a fun time flat-hunting and getting accidentally sunburnt. The flat I chose to make an offer on originally, I didn't get, someone else had made an offer just before me. However, on getting home, I found a Facebook group full of complaints about how terrible/chavvy that flat development is, so I think I had a lucky escape there. I've now made an offer on another flat, which has been accepted pending references. I haven't heard back since then, so I'm guessing references are in the process of happening. I hope so, at least. The flat's still up on the agent's website, which is slightly off-putting.

And then, this week, Torchwood. I'm not a big reviewer, and so I'm not going to say much, but under the cut is a rant at fandom. It contains a very large spoiler.

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Spot on

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I promise a proper update soon >.>
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Dudes. I can't stop going to my LJ to ogle my new banner. Seriously. It's too pretty. clearillusion, for srs.

ANYWAY. I am half way through my two exams that mark the end of my life as an undergraduate student. My first was on Friday, and went fine, as far as I can tell. I felt I answered one question a lot better than the other, but talking to friends afterwards, they agreed that there really wasn't that much that could be said for the second, so I feel more reassured now. Second and final exam is a week on Monday, and I should possibly be more stressed than I am about how it's the morning after Asylum. But... it's the course my dissertation was based on, which gives me an immediate head-start. My lecturer has told us what topics are coming up, so I don't need to over-revise. And I do have a 3 hour train journey home on Sunday to have a final read-over my notes. I'm guessing the stress will probably hit on Thursday/Friday.

Asides from that, not much to say. My life is still completely Uni related, for one final week. Then I won't know what to do with myself >.>

And yes, Asylum. Who's going from my flist? I'm pretty sure it's more of you that I realise. It'd be cool to see some of you over the weekend.
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(no subject)

I have become a bad lj updater. I apologise. My life has been consumed by my final year at uni, which will all be over at 11.30am on June 1st. I have now handed in my dissertation, which is a huge step forwards, and now have 2 essays to write by May 18th, followed by 2 exams. And then sweet freedom until October 1st, when I start at UEA.

Other than an update on my life, though, this lj post comes to you because I am BORED. Very very bored. I'm meant to be doing mentoring right now, but no one ever shows. And I don't have access to a computer. So I am just abusing my shiny new internet phone to write this >.> Any form of entertainment would be welcome!
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I haven't updated in... forever. Sorry >.> All the blame is completely openskies and demon_faith's. Seriously. Blame them for distracting me with the RP and the MSN. ANYWAY.

Despite not updating in forever, I can't think of much to say. Finally got a formal offer letter through from UEA, which isn't a formal offer letter at all. Just says the three types of studentships on offer and asking which one I want, so that I can then have a formal offer letter.

Uni-wise, I'm currently at home on Easter holiday, failing miserably at shifting my workload. I've finished the first draft of my dissertation, though I'm not happy with it, and now have three 3000 word essays to do in the next month. I want to get one done before I go back, but I'm not convinced that's going to happen.

Other than that... eh. Not much to report. Boring academic life is boring.